I am committed to working with you to personalize your wedding ceremony. There are many types of ceremonies that I can perform that are an extension of a traditional ceremony. 

Hand Ceremony

In this ceremony the hands are blessed to show the unity of the couple.   It focuses on connecting the hearts of the couple being married. 

Breaking of the Glass

At the end of this ceremony a glass or bulb is wrapped in cloth and broken by being stepped on by the groom. 

Hand Fasting Ceremony

The couples hands are bound using rope or cord to symbolize two becoming one. This is a traditional Scottish and English ceremony.

Blended Family Vow Ceremony

There are many couples being married and forming blended families.  This ceremony allows the partner to speak to each one of the children and offer words of love and support. They may even want to give a gift to the children.   

Sand Ceremony

This beautiful tradition takes place after the signing of the Marriage License. The couple takes a small vase of sand and pours it into a larger one. This is a way of symbolically showing the joining of of the bride and groom while still showing that they remain as individuals. This can also be used as part of the blended family ceremony where each member of the family adds sand to the large vase.

Wine Ceremony

In the wine ceremony the couple chooses a bottle of wine that is placed in a decanter on the signing table. After the signing of the Marriage License the couple  drinks from the same cup to represent their two hearts becoming one.

Champagne Ceremony

At the end of the ceremony champagne is presented to the couple as they toast one another. What a great way to move from the ceremony into the reception. 

Love Letter / Wine Box Ceremony 

A love letter is written by the bride and the groom and sealed in a wine box along with a favourite bottle of wine. The box is opened at the couples 5 year anniversary and the letters are read as a way of reminding each other of the love and devotion that is felt between the couple.

Ring Warming Ceremony

Wedding rings are a common symbol for the commitment that a couple makes to each other on their wedding day. In this ceremony the rings are passed to each family member where they are given an individual blessing before the rings are exchanged.

Rose Ceremony

A rose or flower of the couple's choice is exchanged between the bride and groom during the ceremony.  This gift is a symbol of their commitment to each other and their chosen flower can be presented to each other at anniversary to remind them of their love and devotion to each other. 

 Rose Ceremony to Mothers

Roses are presented to the mothers or special women in their lives to pay tribute and as a way of showing love and respect. 

Stone Ceremony

Guests, family members, and the wedding party are all presented with small polished stones upon their arrival to the ceremony. They hold the stones and make a special wish for the couple's future. Guests may also be provided pens to write their names on the stone.  At the end of the ceremony the stones are collected in a container.

Moment of Recognition to Parents

Some couples choose to take time during the ceremony to thank their parents for the love and inspiration they have given them.

Memorial Candle Ceremony

To remember departed loved ones a single candle remains lit throughout the ceremony.